Dick Latvala - 07:47pm Apr 2, 1997 PDT

OK, to start things off in an absolutely as embarrasing way as is
possible, I would like to specify a few items that I can absolutely
say with confidence that have not been equaled : 1) "Scarlet
Begonias-->Fire on the Mountain" -Is there really any doubt
whatsoever-9/2/78- Meadowlands, N.J. 2) "Morning Dew"-again,
is there really any question whatsoever-5/8/77- Ithaca, N.Y. 3)
"Stella Blue"- well, if you don't know it is really time for you all to
shake the dust off of 10/21/78. 4) "Hard to Handle"- OK, this one
is a given-8/6/71-Hollywood Palladium, in L.A. 5) "Good Lovin"-
Now here we have a potential area for added information, but it
will be next to impossible to exceed the ecstasies within 4/26/71-
Fillmore East, NYC. 6) "Playing in the Band"- maybe we
shouldn't get into this one yet, but "show me"- A) 11/18/72-
Houston, Texas and B) 5/26/93- Cal Expo, Calif. 7) "Black
Peter"- 12/3/81- Madison, Wi. (where a whole lot of unbelieveable
shows have taken place, just to mention the most uncompromising
show in G.D. history perhaps--10/25/73!!) 8) I think I could go on
and on about this kind of thing but I should step aside and let the
rest of you make fools of yourselves. 9) I am getting a sign from
on high or somewhere to end this important flow of must-know-
about knowledge. Give this your best shot and everything will be
fine, but let us not get too in-your-face about this type of thing,
OK? Remember what the topic is saying, so fantastically I might

Dick Latvala - 07:50pm Apr 2, 1997 PDT (#1 of 259)

Oh yeah, one last thought: The best and most exciting G.D. show
ever is without a doubt 2/28/69- Fillmore West!!!

Dick Latvala - 11:09pm Apr 17, 1997 PDT (#50 of 259)

Hi everybody. I am wondering if there is a specific reason why you
talk-a-holics have been silent for almost two days now! I agree
that we do each have a considerable amount of homework to do,
but I am ready to make some more content to focus on, or some
more examples of something that I feel pertains to especially this
topic. I kind of once in a while get the feeling that we might get
overwhelmed with things to put our attention upon, but there is
probably no really good reason to slow anything down, as many of
you are laughing at the irony of this situation!

So here goes another foray into the danger zone. I would like to
confine myself to four songs, but many very good versions that I
would like to communicate:

1) China Cat Sunflower:
10/18/72, 9/27/72, 9/23/72, 9/21/72, 3/24/73, 2/21/73, 9/26/73,
10/19/73, 10/23/73, 10/25/73, 11/1/73, 11/11/73, 11/23/73,

2) Bird Song:
9/17/72, 9/19/72, 9/21/72, 9/27/72, 10/2/72, 10/18/72, 11/17/72.

3) Black Peter (other than 12/3/81): 10/2/81,4/10/78,12/7/81.

4) Cumberland Blues: 11/17/72,9/27/72,9/24/72,9/21/72,10/24/71.

OK, that is all I can get into right now. I will shortly make a
concerted effort to start answering some of the specific questions
that are plague-ing anybody. I also really hope that we get a lot of
input from a lot of you guys "out there". "a lot" means more than a
handful of individuals that have too much time on their hands. I
want this to be a safe place for people to post their opinions about
the subject matter of this particular topic. It sometimes feels to me
that I would naturallu be intimidated by all the "knowledgeable"
people who post such informed commentary, so emphatically!!!

Dick Latvala - 07:58am Apr 22, 1997 PDT (#71 of 259)

This is turning into something! I am really impressed that there
has been no angry and depressing kinds of postings that seemed to
be the essence of the other topic, and I am beginning to feel more
comfortable just reading, let alone responding to, to each person's
particular questions and thoughts. It does feel like answering all
the questions that are directed to me might be a bit overwhelming,
but then part of me really wants to get into the specifics. I guess I
don't have to respond to every one of them.

I would like to thank each one of you that feels interested in
participating. I have a lot of listening to attend to, and I hope to
learn much more about this so elusive a thing to pin down, called
"an excellent version or show, or segment of a show".  I am
hoping that everyone will make constructive use of the
information laid down here. Each of us knows special things, that
we others may have missed.(now that is really putting it lightly!) I
think that I will wait till my next posting to get into the questions
I want to address, and as I get more familiar, or more comfortable
with each individual, I'm sure that I will be answering questions
in a more timely fashion. So please know that I want to do this
and I have not lost my notes beside your posts on hard copy.

With that in mind I will take off for "work", but I have to leave
you with some more versions of "Morning Dew" from the "era"
before Keith:

1) 2/14/69-Electric Factory, Philadelphia
2) 2/28/69-Fillmore West
3) 4/13/69-Boulder, Co. (I am almost willing to bet that this is the
finest from this period!)
4) 4/22-23/69-Boston, Ma.
5) 5/3/69-Rocklin, Ca.
6) 6/5/69-Fillmore West
7) 11/7/69-Fillmore Auditorium,SF.
8) 1/31/70-New Orleans, La.