From: Phillip Zerbo (
Subject: 10.26.89 is the "Best Dark Star EVER"... 
Date: 1999/07/08 

... and other wanderings in the mind of Dick Latvala.

So, we just returned from the DP14 release "party" at the Ocean Mist in
Manutuck, RI. For spatial reference, a stones throw from Weekapaugh, RI, on the
south ocean facing shore of South County. Fabulous digs, rustic beach bar with
stage, 4 pool tables, bar, friendly waitstaff, fabulous view of the Atlantic
Ocean and Block Island off in the distance, and Dick. Who had had a few drinks.

So, Dick, what is the best Dark Star, -ever-? "Oh, man, to hell with those
Hampton and Meadowlands shows, the best Dark Star -ever- is 10.26.89 MIAMI,
BROTHER!" So, OK, me, reaching out to his shoulder, more to steady him than
anything...."Dude, 10.26.EIGHTY-9?, I'm talking about the best Dark Star EVER,
not on that TOUR!" "You heard what I said, MAN". I gave him like four
opportnities to "adjust" his perspective, but no. With Pam Settle as my
Presidential witness, that is the "Best Dark Star Ever." Discuss amongst

I'll let the prez narrate from here, but other highlights of the evening
included a bizarre exchange during "Q&A" where:

* September 73 was denegrated as if it were a disease: "September 73 is the
worst bullshit excuse for music that I've ever heard in my LIFE, man." Uh OK,
"next question!"

* Get ready for the 80s and 90s. Dick was overboard apologetic that "this is
the last 70s you'll see in a long, long while, gotta keep the buying masses
happy." Silly me, I made the aparently criminal suggestion that, if he was in
the 80s anyway, that he consider such things as 6.20.83 ("someone ELSE has
control of that, BRO!"), 11.1.85 ("Bunch of horseshit garbage, BRO"), 4.4.85,
7.19.87, 6.25.85, et cetera... <SNL Scotish Store Skit> "If it isn't 70s, its
CRAP!</SNL Scotish Store Skit>, but that is what the public wants, ya KNOW?!?

* Me: "So, Dick, saw you at the Phil & Phriends gigs in April up at the BAR...
I'm off to Merriweather to see those Phish guys tomorrow..." Dick: "DAMN, I
wish I was doing that instead of doing this jive "Dicks Picks" mombo... fuckin'
38 minute VIOLA LEE BLUES dude, Trey kicks my ASS, and Kevin Shapiro is a cool
dude that I trade tapes with, TABOOT, TABOOT!" Gotcha, Dick.

The prez sure got his attention, though, as she was a couple rows back Jerry
side for the shows-o-de-release, 11.30 & 12.1.73... "Damn, I wish *I* was at
those shows!"

So, to sum up: Venue: by the beach, lots o salt air, good grub, low-grade
Scotch. Show: Some band, with Buddy Cage on pedal steel. They were kinda cute,
but not really anything to pay attention to. Dick: having a REAL good time
thank you. DP14: Buy it and buy it now, if you have read this far and haven't
yet ordered it, I'm coming to kick your ASS, man.

Just call me Clark Kent,