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Dick Latvala - 12:37am Jul 29, 1998 PDT (#2 of 5)


1) I was never too thrilled by the opening 3 shows at Winterland. Clearly 
the 2/24/74 night is the one to get and give a good listen. But it pales 
in comparison to the 4th show of the year-3/23/74- Cow Palace. I feel 
that this show could easily come out as a release someday.

2) I probably need to relisten to several of the spring shows, but at 
this point, I don't really see that much of importance that happened 
other than the Portland show, and only the 2nd set which contains a 
terrific jam starting with "Truckin". Some amazing playing during the jam 
segment following "Truckin". BTW, I don't place a whole lot of importance 
on the 46 min. version of "Playing in the Band" that occurs on 5/21- 

3) The 6/16 &6/18 shows are usually praised pretty highly, but I think 
that is mostly because of the great sound quality and that we got these 
in tape trading circles over 22 years ago. They ain't shabby. But they do 
come up lacking when compared to what followed a week later.

4) The Miami Jai-Alai Fronton show of 6/23/74 is one of my favorite shows 
of the year. It almost could be the best of the year as a show unto 
itself. (I am aware that 7/19 and 8/6 present a fairly strong alternative 
to this)

5) The second sets from 6/26 and 6/28 are, well shall we say that something 
very incredible occurs. (Soon we shall all get the opportunity to hear 
these in all their glory).

6) The Springfield show on 6/30 is quite a raucous affair, and may itself 
someday be the subject of a release. Well, maybe not.

7) The 7/19 show in Fresno is one of the better shows of the year, and it 
to, could qualify for a release someday. This one also has one of the 
more intense and thrilling versions of "The Spanish Jam".

8) It is a shame that we don't have a good board of the Hollywood Bowl on 
7/21. From my audience tape, it wasn't difficult to notice that this show 
had something extra special to it. I have faith that it will turn up 
someday, just like the boards of the Hollywood Palladium from 8/5&6/71 
will someday make their presence known.

9) Next up of significance is the Hartford show on 7/31. I used to think 
that this was the cat's meow, mainly because of the unusual pairing of 
the "Mind Left Body" and "The Spanish Jam" within the same basic jam. 
Well that is not altogether fair. There are some well played versions 
sprinkled thru-out the show. But I still am pretty sure that 3/23, 6/23, 
7/19, and 8/6 and even surprisingly 8/4 (which one of you out there 
recently turned me on to) are in a different and higher class. I need to 
listen again to the 8/4 show, but it seemed awfully decent when I was 
copying it.

10) We all know how I felt about the shows at the Alexandra Palace in 
London (9/9->11).

11) Two of the three shows in France (9/18 and 9/20) have a lot going for 
them, but I need to relisten before I get into any more detail.

12) Out of the 5 shows that closed the year at Winterland, I feel that 
the middle 3 are worthy of attention. I guess that 10/18 might get the 
nod over-all, but since these are multi-track recordings, I don't have a 
whole lot of effect on whether these are released or not.

That's about it for now.